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    Default Whats with all the freakin' SPAM? Fix it, or I'm OUT....


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    Default Re: Whats with all the freakin' SPAM? Fix it, or I'm OUT....

    Ask em for your money back too
    They don't seem to have a full time moderator on this site.
    Or maybe he's fishing? Fixing a boat?
    Just hit the little triangle on the left of the message.
    It tells them(when/if) they see it's been marked as spam.
    Then they'll remove it.
    Or like I said get your money back.
    Oh WAIT!!! This ain't costing you nothing.
    Wake up cranky from your afternoon nap??
    88 Bayliner with 2002 225 HP Mercury EFI

    Buy American made Cars and Trucks!!!Towing insurance for a boat,a GREAT thing.
    ​Tools to make my life easier: Battery tester, die grinder, temp.gun, compression tester, DVA meter.

    In Scenic , Beautiful San Sebastian by the sea Florida

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