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    Default help 6BTA5.9m1 wont crank over.

    The engines died on me in the water after 45 minutes of usage. I notice after hard continues towing, temp gauge raised around 210 degrees and stood there for 5 minutes after engine stall. First I notice the reserve fuel tank was cutoff, main fuel tank was at quarter full, mind you I was towing at mild heavy seas. So I thought I was out off fuel. I cut in the reserve fuel tank tried to start it but it won't. I crack open the six hp fuel line injectors side trying to bleed any air pocket and notice no fuel was spitting out where it meets from fuel line to injectors on initial start. Can this be a bad fuel pump?

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    Default Re: help 6BTA5.9m1 wont crank over.

    You have implied that you have more than one engine and then only made reference to dealing with one engine from that point on, but i'm going to assume you only have the one. Your title indicates that it won't crank over which implies that it doesn't turn over, but because you were trying to bleed the injector lines at the injectors, you had to have had the engine turning over so i'll assume it does indeed crank over.
    Is it an inline pump (outlets are linear) or a rotary pump (similar to a football)?
    Did you inspect the filter and fuel quality?
    It could be the pump, but there are different ways of confirming this dependant on the pump type you have.

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