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    Default Ford Lehman 4 cylinder diesel

    Hi boaters and engine operators, I am getting antifreeze back in to the water filter. Anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on with this engine. She runs like a charm, does not overheat until the header tank appears empty??????

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 4 cylinder diesel

    Hi bertman, i believe you have a leak at the heat exchanger mounted on back of the engine. Do not continue to run it or you may do severe damage to the engine. Remove it and have a radiator shop pressure test it. If it's bad replace it and change the zinc pencil regularly.
    Charlie w.

  3. #3

    Default Re: Ford Lehman 4 cylinder diesel

    Hi Charlie,
    We removed it and are replacing it like everything else on this old girl. Thanks, we may not have figured it out without some guidance. Bertman

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