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    Default 9.9 4-stroke Honda can't hold idle after 3-4 winters

    My 9.9 4-stroke Honda was revised some 3 years ago and worked beautifully since then.

    Now, just as every 3-4 years with most out-bords, it tends to stall when in idle (even if warm), which forces me to gear in at higher rpm.

    Obviously these little babies suffer from spending winters outside and being used a couple of times in summer, but I would appreciate your advice on what I could clean/adjust to avoid spending 200 bucks for nothing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: 9.9 4-stroke Honda can't hold idle after 3-4 winters

    This is classic of a carburetor that needs to be cleaned.-------Fuel sitting in the carburetor tends to plug up the tiny jets / passageways.------Fuel must always be run out when boat sits unused!!----Some folks on here have struggled with this and finally got the carburetor clean on the third try.---It is quite simple to do if you take your notes and work carefully.

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    Default Re: 9.9 4-stroke Honda can't hold idle after 3-4 winters


    Thanks Raceone for this answer, it's very helpful.

    Apparently, there are some pretty good YouTube videos on that

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