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    Default TAMD 31m fuel injection pump leak

    Hi All.

    I have a leak at the fuel injection pump on my TAMD31M engine.

    It is probably an O-ring, where you can manually shut off the engine, and I think that I have to open the pump to get to the O-ring. It is part number 36 in the exploded view of the fuel injection pump in this link: http://www.marinepartseurope.com/en/...00-23-932.aspx

    But I am not able to locate all bolts to open the pump.

    Any ideas?

    Morten Kjerulff

    The Fuel injection pump:

    Where the leak is:

    1 of 3 bolts that I can locate:

    Where the fourth bolt should be:

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    Default Re: TAMD 31m fuel injection pump leak

    that "missing bolt" looks like its a cap covering the actual allen head. try gently prying it off and see whats under it

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    Default Re: TAMD 31m fuel injection pump leak

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Yes, I forgot to mention, that I did try that already. But it seems to be metal and not able to move when I try to pry it off. There is very little room to do it though, so it will go and give it another try with a better tool...

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    Default Re: TAMD 31m fuel injection pump leak

    It turned out that it was indeed a cap. It was just larger than I thought.

    Thanks again.

    On another note. It turned out that there was no o-ring inside the pump house, and it is very difficult to reassemble the house again:-(
    But after a few hours the engine is working again. The o-ring was completely missing and is supposed to sit on the outside and be kept in place by a washer (is that the right word?) and a nut. Well lesson learned... :-)

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