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    Default Gearcase lube--johnson/evinrue gear oil for a honda bf150 + honda 9.9

    hey Guys

    I have a gallon of HPF XR gear oil (Johnson/Evinrude, manufactured in 2011 for E-tec outboards) that I'd like to use in my Honda

    I never mix and match crankcase oil but how about gear lube----any danger or concerns using Johnson/Evinrude HPF XR in a Honda 4-stroke?


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    Default Re: Gearcase lube--johnson/evinrue gear oil for a honda bf150 + honda 9.9

    I expected to see some of the more knowledgeable folks jump in on this question, but since no one has, I'll offer my 2 cents worth.

    In my opinion any good SAE 90 or 80/90 EP LU lube is OK. The HPF XR gear oil is a synthetic which is supposed to handle any water contamination better. I see no reason not to use it. If you are currently using a non-synthetic, just be sure to drain your LU completely.
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