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    Default Losing power at mid to full throttle

    I have a 2005 sanger v230 mercrusier 350 mag. When we reach mid to full throttle it sputters and loses power. Boat will start just fine and idle or go slow and sometimes acts like no problem but then after about a minute or so will start acting up. The gauges are also cutting out when this is happening. We have replaced the fuel filter and the MDC computer for the gauges as well as all of the gas (in case if there was water) any ideas what to check next?

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    Default Re: Losing power at mid to full throttle

    gauges going dead is electrical,coil going bad, module going bad?

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    I had a similar problem last week on my 5.8 pro boss. The ECM was putting my motor into "limp mode". The engine would idle and perform fine under 3k rpm anything over that it would run extremely rough. After doing some research I discovered there are two sensors that would cause this. One is the oil pressure switch and the other is the engine temp switch. All I did to trouble shoot the problem was disconnect the single wire going to the switches one at a time and see if that corrected the problem! My problem ended up being the oil pressure switch which I replaced for under $10. I hope this info helps

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