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    Default yamaha trim problems

    Have a 2000 skeeter with a yamaha 130hp. Trim switch on front of boat works both ways. Trim switch on motor itself works both way. Trim switch on the throttle only goes up will not trim down. have checked all the connections and fuses all seem to be good. When you try to trim throttle switch down the switch clicks but nothing in the relays or solenoids does. Anyone have any ideas before I start replacing parts?

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    All the switch does is sending ground signal to the relays to activate the trim motor. If the relays don't click that means your signal is not getting to the relays. Do a continuity test on that wire starting at the controller and end at the relays. If this fails you have a bad broken connection somewhere or corrosion issue. If the continuity test is good then check the switch. Press down on the switch and test for ground on that wire. Do you know how to test for ground signal? One probe of the meter is on 12V and the other is on the wire that you are looking for ground.

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