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    Default Picked up a free Gamefisher 7.5HP-runs but has a few issues...

    A neighbor gave me his old Gamefisher outboard-he hadn't used it in 5-6 years, but it was put away properly (ran the fuel dry, covered it up, etc...) and after filling it with fresh mixed gas and a little Seafoam it fired right up. It seems to run really strong, but there are a couple of problems:

    -There's a lot of slop in the throttle so it's hard to get it in the right spot. When you try to get it into shift position you usually overshoot and the motor shuts down. Any ideas on how to tighten it up? I can't figure out how the assembly comes apart.

    -The prop doesn't seem to fully disengage when shifting into neutral. It's definitely turning, but not very fast. Linkage problem?

    -The idle adjustment doesn't really seem to do much either way. The motor idles the same whether its turned all the way to rich or all the way to lean.

    -When the motor is in neutral there's no water coming out of the exhaust holes (they do spit when it's in gear)-is that normal?

    -When the motor is running wide open fuel spits out of the cap vent-why would that be happening?

    Despite these little issues I think the motor is worth tweaking to get it into top shape. I am planning on putting it on a 12' jon and it should provide plenty of power for it.

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    Default Re: Picked up a free Gamefisher 7.5HP-runs but has a few issues...

    Here's some info that might help-numbers off of the tag:

    Chassis Number:

    Serial Number:
    "7E" (Printed in black as opposed to the next set of numbers which are stamped into the metal) 011243

    Some pictures:

    Click image for larger version. 

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