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    Default Perkins Prima 50 slow to start


    I have a circa 1995/96 Prima M50 in a Bene 42s7 Sailboat (new to me) and my first diesel. We just splashed, and prior to doing so I changed my oil w/filter, exhaust elbow and both fuel filters, which I primed both. At the end of the season, I turned the key, pressed start and she turned over in like a half a crank, just short of instantaneous. Now it takes prolonged cranking, 5 plus seconds, and she is rough at idle. In gear, and rev'd up she runs like her old self. Like I said, this is my first diesel, and would really appreciate some help.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Perkins Prima 50 slow to start

    These engines are usually on the button, it could be a fuel problem such as a blockage or air leak.
    If you direct your fuel return into a container via a clear peice of pipe you can see if there is air or restricted flow.

    I had a van with one of these engines fitted in the yard and it had not ran for 5 years, I put a battery on it and it started on the button. (the engine is now in a boat)

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