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    Default Where are the timing Marks on Marine Power 5.7

    I have a new marine power 5.7 carburated engine. Manual says to check timing at 8 deg at idle. I do not see any timing marks on the engine. I see the line on the harmonic balancer but I do not see a plate with numbers as the drawing in the book shows.

    Anyone know what I might be missing?

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    Default Re: Where are the timing Marks on Marine Power 5.7

    Could this be intended for flywheel timing?
    Look at the rear of the engine and at the flywheel cover.
    You may have an open port (w/ a timing tab) that leads into the outer area of the flywheel, in which case the flywheel may be marked off for ignition timing.

    If not.... then you'll need an add-on timing tab at the timing chain cover.
    The problem is....... you may also want to perform a PPS (positive piston stop) to verify your new TDC markings.

    BTW, look up your Total Advance specs. After you set BASE advance, do a dynamic test/check at 3.2k rpm or so.
    This is to verify your progressive and total advance.

    IMO, setting BASE only, and then walking away is not wise.

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    Default Re: Where are the timing Marks on Marine Power 5.7

    you need a timing tab...I'd call the distributor you obtained the engine from and tell them you want it installed, properly, to maintain your warranty...

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