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    Default 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    This is a pull start that has been converted to an electric start. I have installed a whole new electrical system. New ignition coils, points/breakers, condensers, plugs, wires. I have to have something backwards or something. I need help. Does anyone have any pointers?

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    Jun 2011
    Ontario Canada

    Default Re: 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    Make certain that the kill wires are not connected to each other when trying to start. They are the wires that run from the points to the kill button or key switch. Just disconnect them, make sure they don't ground out on motor, and then test for spark.

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    Default Re: 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    There are no kill wires. I have already disconnected everything.

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    Default Re: 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    Quote Originally Posted by kimcrwbr1 View Post
    I'm working on this motor for a neighbor. The electric starter was added. Today I bypassed everything to make it a pull start again. Still no spark. I think I have tried everything I can. I looked at your diagram. It isn't the same. When I got the motor. This was a real piece of work. Loose wires, handle falling off, etc. But I do think this can be a really good motor for him. The only thing I can think of at this point. (2) new coils, and hook it back up to be a pull start motor. Could I be missing something other than (2) new coils?

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    Default Re: 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    Quote Originally Posted by kimcrwbr1 View Post
    that motor came with shorting wires to kill the motor the two smaller wires go to the points and when you short them together it will kill the spark. Do you have the points set at exactly .020" that is ignition timing. Did you install the plug wires into the coils push the grommets up and then install them into the armature plate. On the bottom front of the coils where they mount is called the bosses you want the front edge of the coil laminate flush with the bosses, use a straight edge that gets the proper gap between the coil and magnets in the flywheel. The start circuit is separate from the ignition completely if the starter works leave it hooked up. Just go through the ignition and gap the points and align the coils. Be sure and torque the flywheel nut to spec and isolate the kill wires if you have them. You can kill the motor with the choke it just makes it harder to start when you flood it.
    The second schematic I gave you is the one you want to use
    The coil wires had been replaced with regular wire. They were connected to the points. They came out of the fly wheel and was connected to the side mounted coils. I think the kill wires you're talking about was spliced into this wire. I replaced the 2 side mounted coils. Disconnected the 2 kill wires. No spark. Then I replaced the points, and condensers. Still no spark. So now I have bypassed everything, and rewired it for a pull start. Still no spark.

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    Jun 2011
    Ontario Canada

    Default Re: 1971 25hp no spark/fire

    Side mounted coils???

    Motor should have two coils under flywheel, 2 sets of points, under flywheel and 2 condensers, under the flywheel. They are all attached to the "magneto plate", Under the flywheel. 4 wires come off the magneto plate. 2 are HT wires that go directly to the plugs. The other two are the kill wires.

    Are we talking about the same thing here?

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