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    Default Game Fisher 15 HP, 1996, does not start.

    I have a Game Fisher 15 hp, 1996 model. Took it out for test run after 4 months in garage storage. The water pump did not work. I found out too late and it got overheated. The engine seized for a few minutes, but started nicely after 2 pulls when cool down. Now it doesn't even sputter, let alone start, after 100 pulls. Fuel line and bulb from the tank are working properly. I saw sparks when testing plugs, but I replaces with new spark plugs anyway. I saw and smelled fuel residual on spark plug heads, so fuel was pumped up properly. Why it doesn't start? And what should I check next? Please help.

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    I am not familiar with Game fisher whether it is a 2 or four stroke engine but either way we need to see if you have compression in the cylinders. If you can borrow a compression tester that would be great, pull the spark plug and see what you have, if any, compression. It sounds like you have spark and fuel so we need compression. If you do have compression then it could be timing of the spark.

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    Default Re: Game Fisher 15 HP, 1996, does not start.

    I need to pick your brain about a 1996 9.9 Evinrude 4 stroke. Got a minute? I get an alarm while trolling at low speed. put in new impeller get weak pee stream but it never gets much more than warm. Had a guy say it mght be oil pump??

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