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    Default need help with an eska

    Im new here and I'm hoping that someone can help me out. I have an older eska. I believe it to be a 5hp motor. It's all white, has an internal tank and also I can hook up an external tank. It has a nob to adjust the richness of the fuel plus choke and throttle. The only markings I found was on a stamped tag on the power unit. It says 634-07e over 6124808. I'd like to find out more info about this motor and also where I can find parts. I need a new spark plug and even a new fuel tank. The internal tank has rust in it. Not sure if I will need to rebuild the carb also. Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: need help with an eska

    Sorry for a late answer but just incase , does it have a power jet or a emissions type bowl nut?

    http://home.earthlink.net/~brixent/index.html go through the sears and Eska models to find your engine...usally one or three different models but you can zero in on it, Mr Brixent is a good supplier because he supplies information, there are also other good suppliers of parts

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