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    Default Fireball 140 head pull

    I have a 1947 Correct Craft with the original Fireball 140. I'm pretty sure it has a blown head gasket. I'm going to pull the head and wonder what precautions I should take or things I should worry about. I read in the manual to loosen the head studs slightly and use the starter and turn the motor over slightly to break the seal on the head without breaking it. That manual is the original 1947 manual and just making sure that is still the recommended procedure. Another concern I have is the tachometer. Should I take it off or leave it on? I want to make sure I don't break that component. Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Fireball 140 head pull

    Remove the tach drive and spark plug wires. Also remove the temperature sender wire if equipped. Remove anything else connected to the cylinder head. Remove all the nuts and try to lift the head without prying between the block and head. Object is not to disturb the head gasket so you can tell if it is bad and get the number off it for a replacement.

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