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    Default Gale Buccaneer 1962 5HP

    I just inherited a Gale Buccaneer 5D20B. The plugs that are in it are Champion J4C. Does anyone know if that is correct? Should the gap be 30 mils? How about the fuel/oil ratio? The local expert says 50:1, but I've seen 24:1 in this forum. I'll be test firing it soon!

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    J4C is OK -------J6C will also work.----Plug gap is 0.030" ( not mils )-------Check / test that ignition can fire accross a gap of 1/4" or better.--------------If you want this motor to last another 50 years run at 24:1------And most of all install a new water pump impeller !!

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    OK. I got the plugs and put them in...couldn't use a socket wrench (no room). Got the impeller....looks like it goes in above the water line. Just remove the 4 bolts? Do I have to do anything with the phillips-head screw on the gearcase? I guess the straight-blade screws are for the gear-case oil.

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    DO NOT REMOVE THE PHILIPPS SCREW, it is the pivot for the shift fork !!!!---------To change the impeller,you may have to pull the powerhead off to disconnect the shift rod just below the powerhead.----------------Not as difficult as it sounds, nor hard to do.-----There is a seal below the powerhead that likely needs an inspection / maintenance as well.--The 2 big screws are for the gear oil.
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    Well, I finally got around to prepare for a test run. I put some WD-40 in the
    cylinders as it was not easy to turn over with the recoil starter. I checked for
    spark and found next to none. So, I went to take the flywheel off and found
    it pretty well stuck. Finally decided to use some heat...that worked. The points
    look to be gapped properly....but, appear to be quite corroded. I'll replace them.
    Will check the capacitors....I have a capacitance meter. The real question is
    whether it's worthwhile working on this thing given the chance that I break something
    and cannot get a replacement part because it is "No Longer Available". One of the blades
    on the propeller is pretty well banged up.....is it possible to get a new propeller?
    Would I be better off breaking it up into parts and selling them to someone that needs them?

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    Anyone need parts for a 1962 Gale 5HP 5D20B????
    I have a old Evinrude Mate 2HP that needs to be rebuilt, and that
    take priority over this Gale Buccaneer 5HP. Make me an offer on any part
    that you might need!!!!!

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