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Thread: Suzuki DT8 1987

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    Default " Has been very reliable until

    " Has been very reliable until recently. She starts on 1st or 2nd pull but will only stay running while fully choked. It can run with out the choke if set at 2/3 throttle or better. Anything less than 2/3 and she stalls. It seems fuel starved when it stalls. I have dismantled and cleaned the carb twice, tried several float settings, looked for gasket leaks, tried new fuel and plugs. I didn't want to tear into the reed valves if I didn't have to but I'm out of ideas short of a new or rebuilt carb. Any suggestions? Thanks "

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    Default " Although Suzuki's are no

    " Although Suzuki's are not my line of expertise, what you are describing is a faulty and clogged carburetor. The fact that it runs at all proves that the leaf valves (reed) are okay. If this engine ran fine the last time you used it... then you let it sit for a month or so, in all probability the carburetor is gummed/fouled. From what you've said, I would suspect that the jets are fixed (not adjustable) jets, and you are possibly overlooking a small fixed jet that has become clogged. If, on the other hand, the engine ran fine on a outing, and while on that outing, the engine suddenly went from a fine running engine to one that was as you state, I would suspect a ignition problem. Let us know what you encounter. (Joe - 30+ years with OMC) "
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    Default " Dave and Joe, I have

    " Dave and Joe,

    I have a 1988 Suzuki that has been giving me the exact same problem. I bought the motor over a year ago and has run great until now. The motor starts on two or three pulls but has begun to die when I don't have the throttle opened wide. My first thought was carb clogged. What is the best way to clean it yourself??? Please Help Thanks

    Chris "

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