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    Default help with tohatsu 90 throttle and shift cables

    Hey guys I Just purchased a 1974 16’ Currituck, great looking hull in excellent shape and came powered with a 1983 115 Evinrude. Compression was shot on it so it was just removed and now is going to be powered by a 2000 Tohatsu 90 that was pulled off another boat. I had a local boat mechanic mount it on the transom and then informed me the other throttle cables will not work because they are too short. He told me to purchase some 18 foot Teleflex cables and he would install it. Now he’s “booked out” and can’t fit me in to his busy schedule. My question is when I try to hook up the cables they aren’t shifting properly and seem very tight? Any help on installing these would be greatly appreciated. Do I start at the throttle, or motor, does it even matter? Is 18 foot too long for this boat, he says “no because you have to allow for the 2 foot loop at the motor” is this the case and how is the loop supposed to go?

    thanks for the help im tired of missing out on all the action

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    Default Re: help with tohatsu 90 throttle and shift cables

    All remote Tohatsu/Nissan motors use standard Morse-style clamp-type 3300-series control cables, from any manufacturer. I prefer the Hi-Lex cables that Tohatsu America sells, as they are moderately-priced, yet high performance in tight radius cable routes. Lengths can be a lot longer than 18 feet (I have seen 30-foot cables working fine), if needed. Generally accepted method for determining Proper length is the sum of the distance from the control to the transom, plus 1/2 the transom width, plus THREE feet for the loop. The cables run alongside the boat to the transom, then approach the motor, and then turn in 3/4 of a circle (start turning as though you were going to head back up the center of the boat), forming a loop that allows the cables to flex easily when the motor is steered.

    If the control is too stiff ("tight?"), perhaps the control (you didn't say what kind it is... maybe some kind of OMC unit?) has the friction set too high. Most controls have a "throttle friction" adjustment.

    On Tohatsu controls, one typically starts at the control... thread the cable about 25-50% of the way into the clevis, and lock the jamb nut. Then... To adjust the shifter... You must set the shifter to N, and the motor to N, and then adjust the clevis at the motor so that there is Zero play, and it slips over the shifter crank pin freely. Then lock the cable locknut against the clevis and install the "R" pin for the clevis. Similar for the throttle. Set the control lever to N or Idle, and have the motor at warm idle, then adjust the clevis the same way.
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