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    Hi, i recently received a 3.5 horse eska with a Tecumseh engine in it. It does not run but that is not my first problem. i need to know the year and model number.But i cant find the model number. i found about 4 different numbers around the engine. 642-318, 2309, 693339, and 1026-48. Can i anybody help me out? Would greatly appreciate it

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    I have broken Down to a few model numbers and years. 14207- from years (1983-1984). 14139- from yrs (1980-1982). 14034, 14034 DLX- year (1979) i also found 14183A but not sure of the year. Right now i am thinking the 14207 because its got a newer look to it. If it helps for me to post pictures i can quick take pictures. thanks for your time

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    Anybody no what the flywheel torque might be?

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