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    Default Navigation lights on helm

    Some may have seen my other thread about me getting my parents 188cc Sailfish and about how my stepdad had a trolling motor 'retro' fitted on the bow. Well with its current installation it blocks the navigation light on the bow. I was going to relocate the trolling motor at a better operating angle and remove the navigation light to put a "post" style navigation light in its place. This would enable me to remove it when it is not needed, but I would still be able to operate legally. Thinking about I would have to drill more holes in the bow I began to think about putting the navigation lights on the side of the helm. My 17'2" skiff has them mounted in this fashion so I was wondering if I could do the same on my SailFish? It would be easier for me and lookg much cleaner on the boat.

    Any idea on if this is legal or a possible place to find out if I can do this?

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    Default Re: Navigation lights on helm

    The only issue is whether they can be seen by another boat if mounted on the side of the helm. If your bow lifts and blocks an oncoming boat from seeing the lights, then you have a problem. Your forward facing white masthead light needs to be higher than the side lights.

    Check the USCG NAVRULEs which are on-line for placement requirements.


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