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    Default Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    I've got a Delco EST distributor that I suspect the pickup coil is bad. One of the leads shows resistance to ground, should be infinite. So I'm having problems on removing the pick up coil. I've got the cap and rotor off, disconnected the wire leads. I've got a service manual that says to pry off the retainer. Don't see any retainer and pickup coil doesn't slide off on the shaft. Does the shaft need to come out of the block to remove the pick up coil? Attached a photo. Help appreciated.
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    Default Re: Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    Reread the service manual...you'll need to pull the distributor. then the gear and the shaft...the retainer will be visible once the shaft is out.

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    Default Re: Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    Thanks. The service manual had the distributor removal in a different section. For the pick up coil it mentioned removing the rotor from the upper end, disconnecting the leads from the ignition module and then prying the retainer free. A diagram shows the retainer sitting on top of the pickup coil. That's why I was thinking it might be able to done without removing the distributor. Didn't want to remove the distributor and then need to reset the timing unless I absolutely had to. But I do, so I ordered a new timing light that has RPM and Advance. MY old timing light was only a light and had to look at the flywheel for advance. The job just got more expensive and complex.

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    Default Re: Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    Bruce, Do you understand how the EST functions, appose to a non-EST system?
    Not necessarily the triggering, I'm asking specifically about the Electronic Spark Timing portion.

    Lastly, how hell bent are you in staying with the EST system?
    There are good alternatives!

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    Default Re: Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    Really just want to get the boat running again. The Delco EST system was running fine for 2 years so I don't have a history of problems that would make me want to replace it. I've got a problem that has been hard to diagnose. Engine run very rough when under load. See forum post


    I've replaced the ignition module which corrected a rough idle but not my main problem. Timing advance was checked and functioning properly.

    Just want to get back to skiing.

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    Default Re: Delco EST pick up coil removal help

    you have to remove the distributor and remove the gear. Then the rotor shaft will slip out . There you will see the retainer clip that gets removed before the pole piece is removed.
    be sure to set the #1 cylinder on TDC or 0 TDC before removing the distributor. Check location of rotor and that it is pointing to the #1 pole on the cap. It will be much easier when reinstalling and getting initial timing.


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