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    Default I need some help, again....

    As some of you may know from my last post, i'm looking for my first fiberglass bassboat and its basically down between two now. A 1996 ProCraft with a matching 115hp Mariner($4650) or a 2000 Sprint with a matching Mercury 125hp($6750)....both boats are in very good shape and have been well kept, but i would like yalls opinion on which rig would be a better buy for me. The should both run around the mid 50's but the sprint having a slight hp advantage should top out around 60mph. I've heard good and bad things about both motors and both have already professionally swapped from their original Auto-Oiling systems to PreMix. I'm really leaning towards the ProCraft because of the price and because the company is actually still in business, but i really want as much hp as i can get for the least amount of money. Preferably a 150 but anything from 115hp and up will do me just fine. There is one more boat in the equation, but i havent seen it in person yet...1996 Stratos 278 with matching 150hp Evinrude for $6500, also a very clean boat, but i cant seem to get ahold of the guy and i know nothing about those Evinrude motors...thanks for any advice you can give me!

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    Default Re: I need some help, again....

    I repeat what I said in my previous post. You also need to know the model year and number of hours are on each motor. Low hours over several years indicates low usage, which is just as bad of a problem as exceptionally high usage. I can't give you any usage guidelines on a bass boat because of the way they are typically used. Kim's advice on the transom is good advice. Again a good marine mechanic can give you a judgement call on the state of the transom, but it takes a trained marine surveyor to do it thoroughly.
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    If you talking about used boat then it is very hard to compare, because it depend on the last owner use it how often. The price can low or high is also depend on the seller. However you can go to some classifieds to compare the price,, such as site like http://www.boatzez.com you can search year,model then do some compare.
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