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    Default 1969 Chrysler 9.9 Outboard Motor Settings

    Hi, I am back with 2 more questions. Earlier I ask about reverse on this motor. I got the motor to run. I think the starting problem was mainly a cracked fuel hose where the fuel line enters through the case. I replaced all the fuel lines and using an electric drill to start it rather than pulling the starter rope it started. I now have two other questions.

    I am testing this motor in a 55 gallon drum 2/3 filled with water.

    !. How do I set the the forward, neutral,and reverse positions? When the motor starts it appears to be in forward gear even though the lever is in the neutral position. also,when I shift to reverse it will not stay in that position.

    2. On the carburetor I am aware of two settings, a lean and rich screw and and accelerator settings (lever rides against a plate that is controlled by the throttel handel). I can get these adjustments so the motor starts but when I change to the slow setting the motor dies after a few seconds or at the fast setting it appears to run too fast.

    Hope to get answers soon as I going to sell it to raise funds to buy four tires for my truck.

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    Default Re: 1969 Chrysler 9.9 Outboard Motor Settings

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	8.jpg 
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Size:	24.1 KB 
ID:	5629The idle:Make sure the carb is clean.The jets get clogged and it won't idle right.
    #27 might have small holes in it.They get clogged and it won't work.
    Pics of the carb?All views.
    Pics of the shifter?Same here all views.

    The air screw start at 1 and 1/8th turn out.
    The idle just screw it in till it keeps running?
    Here are some manuals,you might find something here??
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    Default Re: 1969 Chrysler 9.9 Outboard Motor Settings

    It appears that rapidshare.com has deleted the files.

    I got the diagram of the card but none on the shifting mechanism.

    Any other places when I could find infor on these ideas.

    I am going to sell this motor and do not want to spend money on manuals.
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