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    Default tanaka / gamefisher 3 hp carburetor tuning

    Hello everybody!

    my tanka 300 ran just fine until it was dropped, causing a crack in the carburetor and the fuel tank.

    I replaced both, as well as the peacock switch.

    Now I have difficulty tuning the new carburetor. The way it is right now, it starts very hard and runs only with the choke on, at an average RPM (I can't reduce the RPM to idle and I can't get full throttle also, or it will choke).

    What is the standard procedure to tune the new carburetor? I see it has only one screw with a spring on it. Other than that - is there something of special interest when replacing a carburetor?


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    Default Re: tanaka / gamefisher 3 hp carburetor tuning

    hi. any input?

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    Default Re: tanaka / gamefisher 3 hp carburetor tuning

    You need to adjust the rich/lean. The outboard does not have H and L screws and the adjustment is on the throttle handle. Follow the cable from the top of the carb to the handle. The gold colored screw needs to have 3 threads showing.

    I made a YouTube video, search gamefisher 1.75 carb fix, to give you a visual reference, it's the same concept for the 3.0. You may still need adjust to more or less threads showing, but this should at least get you running. Tune it until the exhaust is not emitting blue smoke at full throttle you fuel is to rich. When the fuel is too lean, it will die when the choke is off or when you try to throttle up. The screw with the spring on the carb is your idle adjuster only.

    Hope this helps

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