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    Default Best way to fill a trim reservoir ?

    I know how to fill my reservoir but I haven't found the easiest way?? I have to find the leak in the pump but besides that, what is the easiest way to fill it I don't know where to get a funnel with such a tiny hole!

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    Default Re: Best way to fill a trim reservoir ?

    One of the trigger pump oil cans works pretty well, theres a couple types at Harbor freight for a few dollars.
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    Default Re: Best way to fill a trim reservoir ?

    Here in Australia the bottles of lower unit oil (gear oil) come with a pointed nozzle, perfect for filling a trim pump (just make sure you use the correct oil for your trim pump not the gear oil). If you cut the base off the empty container and turn it upside down with the nozzle attached, you have a long narrow neck funnel perfect for small openings. There would have to be something similar wherever you are.
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    Default Re: Best way to fill a trim reservoir ?

    it depends upon the system.
    the most generic and useful filler is an HDPE bottle with yorker tip. It is what I use in the shop. I have a 1qt yorker tip like the gear oil and use a little pump to refill it out of 5gal buckets. Most trim systems use hydraulic oil or ATF. I prefer the hydraulic oil myself. It costs more but does a better job with water intrusion. Some auto parts stores sell hydraulic oil in 1QT bottles that have a yorker tip.

    Some trim systems have a wide mouth reservoir and a simple funnel works great.

    Some trim systems are just plain difficult to reach. You can use a section of 1/4" hose but it drains slowly. Sometimes the $5 harbor freight transfer pump works best.

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