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    Default Removing shaft from lower unit

    I have a Power Drive PD V2 Pontoon motor with a 48" shaft. I want to use it on a 16" jon boat. Mounting is not a problem but I want to replace the 48" shaft with a 36" or 30" one.
    The shaft os threaded on to the lower unit, but I can't seem to budge it with conventional methods.

    Is there a proceedure for removing the lower unit or do you just have to "horse" it off with a pipe wrench or something similer?


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    I had my shaft replaced and it has to be heated up with a heat gun because of the epoxy/sealant they use from the factory. Make sure you get some from a repair shop to use when putting in the new shaft to prevent leaking which will ruin the motor.

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    Default Re: Removing shaft from lower unit

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