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    Default 1993 Force 150 hp Outboard ... New in Crate ... Questions

    I have the opertunity to buy a 1993 Force Outboard that is still in its origional crate from the factory for $5000.00 .... Been sitting in a guys garage all this time ....

    I have a couple questions ....

    #1 .... Is $5000.00 to much ... it cost a little under $10,000.00 in 1993

    #2 .... Is it going to have to be gone through by a dealer after sitting so long ??? Or can I just bolt it on and go ?

    #3 .... I am told Force was made by Mercury .... do I take it to a Mercury dealer to be worked on or checked out ????

    Thanks for any help on this ....

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    Default Re: 1993 Force 150 hp Outboard ... New in Crate ... Questions


    Yup it's a Mercury product.
    I'd check the pistons for rust and corrosion.
    Do a comp test just for fun.
    Still in the crate??? WOW $5000 I think I'd buy it.

    If you buy I'd run extra oil for 10=15 hrs then go 50-1
    Lube the cylinders before initial start up.
    Everything else should be ok.

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