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    Sep 2009
    Middlebury center, PA, USA

    Default Winterizing a Johnson 50 hp?

    I need info on how to winterize my 1997 Johnson 50hp. I know about changing the lower gear oil and adding stabil to the carbs and fuel system. But Does the water jacket and pump need to be drained? Do I have to pump in RV antifeeze so any trapped water will not freeze? The winters here in PA can get well below zero.

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    Oct 2011
    maplevalley WA

    Default Re: Winterizing a Johnson 50 hp?

    Top the fuel tank/s off to prevent moisture intrusion and get a can of fogging oil and allways store the motor in the running position they are self draining, as long as you keep the engine well flushed the water should drain completely out of the powerhead. The main reason you drain and refill the gearbox is to remove any moisture so bottom draining any water out and topping of with good oil is all that is necessary if the oil looks good. There are a couple of good videos on winterizing, grease the steering components and zerts on swivel bracket. Does your engine have the fitting on the primer solenoid for fogging the block. I personally run the engine out of fuel and with a can of fogging spray manually open the carbs to WOT while someone cranks on the starter and spray fogging oil in the carb for about 10 seconds and call it good. If you use the primer fitting while the engine is at an idle spray fogging oil in until the engine dies and then drain the carb/s of fuel.

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    Oct 2011
    maplevalley WA

    Default Re: Winterizing a Johnson 50 hp? Item #11 if you have the electric start is where you spray the fogging oil.

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