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    Join Date
    May 2007

    Default slow starter 1986 crusader 454

    I have a 1986 crusader 454 that runs like new. When i go to start it however, it gives a slow. 1 turn, like the battery is dead then will crank normally. I dont think it is the battery because after not neing run for a week or 2 it has to crank awhile to refill the float bowl and cranks fine for those two 10 second cranks. Its just that first turn that does it. Any ideas if that is a problem?

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    Dec 2008
    Bourne, MA, USA

    Default Re: slow starter 1986 crusader 454

    Hopefully it is not caused by water in one or a few cylinders but that is what sometimes happens when the compression stroke on a cylinder tries to compress water, but you may try removing a few or all plugs and see if any water drains out.

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    May 2007

    Default Re: slow starter 1986 crusader 454

    I may have ruled out the battery prematurely. I left the charger on overnight and the starter spun faster than it has all year when i fired it up today.

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    Join Date
    Sep 2007
    Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA

    Default Re: slow starter 1986 crusader 454

    Its' nice when a problem can be easily dealt with. I have had more than one engine that did the exact same thing and the batteries were fine. Never did discover what the situation was but those engines never developed any issues. The just started that pre-ignition without the pop

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