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    Default Fuel Regulator Stuck Open

    Hey posted on here previously i was having trouble with my 4.3L TBI merc......I had a mechanic look at it and he determined my fuel regulator is stuck wide open. The current fuel regulator is not EASY to get too, so i was wondering if i would be able to purchase and use an external aftermarket one to run my boat?! My mechanic is a close friend (car mechanic tho) he figures i can go external we are just unsure what would be good........if we can!?

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    It's located under the upper intake. And yes it's a byatch to get to and no i wouldn't do anything but replace it. Sorry it's not what you want to hear but it's what i would do, and i am known for jury rigging, but not in this case.

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    Don't forget - if you choose to modify the fuel system, you assume any liability associated with the change.....read that as your insurance isn't likely to cover any loss/claim related to your mod. Believe me, I'm not a friend of the JD's by any stretch, and would avoid them if at all possible.

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    use the oem replacement

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