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    Jun 2012
    Pine Valley, NY

    Default How do you adjust throttle cable?

    There is alot of slop in my throttle, how do you adjust the cable to fix this?
    J. Brown

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    May 2010
    DC Burbs/Maryland Eastern Shore

    Default Re: How do you adjust throttle cable?

    Do you have a single or twin levers, that is, one for gear and one for gas? In any case the gas lever should be all the way back. At the engine, check the cable has 1-2mm slack with carb all the way closed (idle). You may have an adjusting barrel, a clevis, or some other screwed on terminal which should allow you to remove the slack. If that doesn't cure it it may be something inside the shifter. These things are a nightmare to disassemble if its a single lever.
    Practicing the ancient art of ren-ching

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    Jun 2012
    Pine Valley, NY

    Default Re: How do you adjust throttle cable?

    It is a single lever. Back by the carb there is what looks like a big round, black plastic thing that looks like it may be turned one way or the other...I just don't know what it is!...I have tried to turn it but it doesn't budge easily either way...afraid of breaking something! I will take a pic of the assembly and post it on here, maybe then someone can tell me what I am looking at.
    J. Brown

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