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    Default "I own a Lister Blackstone die

    "I own a Lister Blackstone diesel type CE 11.5HP at 850 RPM engine # 2555. I would like any information possible, including an operators manual, on this engine. I am especially interested in the operation of the 2 stage cylinder head. This nameplate on the engine says it was made in Milwaukee, WI probably in the '40's. The engine was used for a gen on a large tugboat in the Great Lakes. The engine appears to be of English design. Any information anyone would have would be appreciated"

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    Default "lister blackstone engine nr.

    "lister blackstone
    engine nr. ER 8L 68 G 197
    spec. nr. 02460
    Type. ER8 HP450 8cyl. RPM750

    i own the above engine and i am looking to by a second one of the same type, or at least any spare parts availible, my e-mail is [email protected]"

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