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    Default Crusaders undeway last year, strainer bubbling

    What do you guys think of this? I forgot I took this last year, I'll check again and see if anything has changed but doubt it. Looking at my setup, I only see (and have checked) a couple of places that would allow air into the system.

    1) Hose clamps before the strainer
    2) Seacock/Intake
    3) Strainer

    Other than tightening the clamps, I'm not sure what else I can do. All of the seals on the strainer have been replaced and I've tried different levels of torque on the strainer top along with using synthetic grease. The hoses cross over so it's actually the port side engine strainer that's bubbling and ironically it's the lower temp of the two.

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    Default Re: Crusaders undeway last year, strainer bubbling


    Seem like a LOT of turbulence . While you know you likely have all bases covered it would just appear that some still isn't right like MAYBE alignment of the top and bottom or a split in the sleeve, or the gaskets not really sealing despite being new. Like you also mentioned the clamps or a small split inline. is the seacock very old?

    I guess if it were me , I would disasssmble it again and simply rebuild it , with a close on on everything. I don't believe you can pinpoint something specific such as OH the cap or Loose nut on the bottom... FWIW....AL

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    Default Re: Crusaders undeway last year, strainer bubbling

    1) Is the strainer full with the engine off? You may just have air trapped at the top of the strainer.
    2) Under way should be positive pressure in the strainer not suction.
    3) If there is a restriction in the pick up or valve the bubbles you see may not be an air leak but could be the result of cavitation. You could be “running away” from the water with the pump lowering the pressure so low that the water starts to boil. Try swapping the hose to the other intake.

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    Default Re: Crusaders undeway last year, strainer bubbling

    My best guess: The valve is allowing air to leak in around the shaft.

    Don't laugh: My Flo Scan went nutso when it was placed after the fuel shut off valve. Moving it upstream cured the problem.


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    Default Re: Crusaders undeway last year, strainer bubbling

    You can always use a short piece of clear line anywhere in the system to check for aeration. The shorter the better...and keep an eye on it while in use - some "soft" hose will collapse as soon as the rpm increases.

    Anything on the bottom in front of the pickup thru-hull?

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