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    Default How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection

    Hello Friends,

    My truck has a Ford F2UB14A624G 7 prong electrical output. Is there an adapter from this to the standard, 4-wire, 5-pin trailer light wiring cable? In the meantime, can someone tell me how to manually connect the 4 trailer wires to some of the 7 on the outlet to get the trailer lights to work? Currently I can get both trailer lights to come on, and the right turn signal works, but this happens only when the truck lights are on.

    Out of the Ford connecter are (1) +, (2) -, (3) Running Lamps, (4) Electric Brakes, (5) Backup Lamps, (6) RH Stop-Turn, (7) LH Stop-Turn.

    To these I have tried to match trailer wires (a) yellow L turn, (b) green R turn, (c) brown tail, (d) white ground

    This is the last thing that's keeping me out of the water this season, and does the season ever pass by quickly!



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    Default Re: How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection

    Terry, there is an adapter that you can get at most auto parts stores, Walmart, etc. I would suggest not meddling with the wires unless you know for sure which one goes were.

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    Default Re: How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection

    Get the adapter they are fairly cheap and almost every auto parts store has them

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    Default Re: How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection

    Thanks for the advice guys, however I'm posting because auro parts stores around Columbus, OH, don't have an adapter for the Ford plug that I have. It has 7 rounded male pins. I Googled the part number and came up empty too. I bought my truck from the Marine Corps through GSA, so I'm beginning to suspect the plug is specifically for miliary trailers. Still looking...

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    Default Re: How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection

    Yep - Military specs - that's why they cost $200 instead of $10.

    Anyway, the standard harness with the flat spade connectors is pretty easy to wire in. Depending on what year Ford you have, most of the newer ones have connectors for each wire on the wiring harness to the plug, plus a ground wire that bolts to the frame. Get under your truck and trace the wires to see if they go into connectors. Note the color of the wires to each connector, and the connector type. Then, try talking to a Ford dealership. and see if they have a spare one hanging around. (Don't buy a new one from the dealership if you can avoid it - they will charge you three times the after-market price.)

    You can also likely find any of the parts you need on eTrailer.com. They even have excellent videos on how to wire things up. If all that fails, send an e-mail to me at [email protected]. I have a new one on the garage for an 04 F-150. I'll send you a picture so you can make sure it will fit your truck.
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    Default Re: How To: 7 pin to 4 wire Trailer Light Connection


    Thanks for validating my suspicion. The outlet and its harness certainly have more rubber boots and insulation than I would have expected to find. It's probably rated to work submerged. I'll check eTrailer again. Maybe I should just get a HUMVEE trailer from GSA and toss the boat up in to it!


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