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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Dec 2009

    Default Almost no exaust on one bank

    One bank of my crusader 220 (305cu in) has almost no exaust barely moving flapper, removed plug from cylinder #2 while running feeling like moisture comming out, also oil has some signs of water.

    blown head gasket or worse?

    engine runs, but not great. do i dare driving to mechanic or am I going to blow it up??


  2. #2
    Join Date
    Sep 2008
    Maryland - USA

    Default Re: Almost no exaust on one bank

    best bet is to have the mechanic come to the boat.

    if you have water in the oil, you really want to get it out and fast.

    Without doing a more thorough diagnosis, all anybody can do is provide you WAGs.

  3. #3
    Join Date
    Aug 2008
    Fairport, NY

    Default Re: Almost no exaust on one bank

    Don't run an engine with salt water in it, unless it needs to save your life. Since you will be killing it...

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