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Thread: oil to gas mix

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    Default oil to gas mix

    is 2stroke @ 4stroke gas mix for 20hp mercury outboard the same what oil is best oil

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    Default Re: oil to gas mix

    I don't really understand your question. 2 strokes burn oil with the gas and 4 strokes are sump lubricated. Since roughly the '60's the common fuel to oil mix is 50:1, 1 pt. to 6 gallons of (currently available) TC-W3 rated marine 2 stroke oil....WW has Pennzoil brand which is perfect or use the costlier Quicksilver. As far as best, I use the Penn as it is much cheaper and Penn is a good oil company. Their premium oil is synthetic blend (says so on the container) and smokes very little in my engine. The QK premium container does not say whether is is or isn't.


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