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    Default Whats the advantage?

    I was wandering what is the advantage/disadvantage on mounting the axle above or below the trailer springs. Originally it was mounted to the bottom and almost all trailers that ive seen so far are mounted on top. I understand that their is ground clearance difference but what else? Which way should I go back with it?

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    What make of trailer is it ?. It really doesn't matter on some trailers.

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    Primarily it's a ground clearance issue, especially with small trailors with small tires. Also, if the bunks or rollers sit lower, it is easier to load the boat on shallower ramps.
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    OK its a 1969 Dilly trailer I think and it has 4.8 X 12" tires so im assuming just keep it the way it is because if im not mistaken if I put it on top it will make the trailer sit lower and well its pretty low as it is.

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