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    Default 671 having trouble starting warm...

    we have a old navel landing craftvwith two 671 and she went to bottom. she was refloated and the engines dried out and got runnig there is a new electrical ,starters and alternators. the batteries are new as well...the boys left one of the battery switchs on over the weekend and batt drained enough so wouldn't start the eng. i charged batt and it fired right up but after i shut it down would not turn over just click. i tested battery with load tester and was good..after the engine sit awhile it fires right back up. im stumped and not a desiel guy..both engines do this im scratching my head. any help would be great.

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    Default Re: 671 having trouble starting warm...

    no amps to starter,cause,s battery terms need clean corrosion from wire terms wireing - battery- bad solnoide- need to check all

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    Default Re: 671 having trouble starting warm...

    I agree with marv. I would tend to think that you may have dirty/bad connections on the ground side of your system. Here's why:

    You say it happens when warm after the engines have been running awhile. That makes me think that as the engine block warms up, there is expansion at the connection for the block ground. That's where I would start my cleaning procedure...disconnect, wire brush all contact points until shiny, reconnect and tight. Not TOO tight but tight.

    Don't stop there. Heat transfers from the blocks to the starters when the engine is running and you need to do the ol' "clean and tighten up" there too as well as the battery connections as marv suggested.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 671 having trouble starting warm...

    ok marv i will do that thanks... my buddies a electrical guy and suggested the same. i did check battery terminals as them and batts are new. im going to disconnect batts and break all conectioins apart inspect and retighten

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    jgmo hey thanks guys i will do and let yah know how i made out the expasion and cotraction makes sense with everything nice and shinny new

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