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    Default 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    Dug out the boat, check the oil , turned water on and tried too start, motor sputtered on 2 tries, primed gas bulb and now I get nothing, no maintenence lights, beeper, dead in the water. checked fuses under the head, all good. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help,

    roughrider out

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    Join Date
    Sep 2010

    Default Re: 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    Replace battery I think.

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    Default Re: 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    new battery, dual system, checked with load tester, both good. Finally started once, ran for 5 minutes, shut off, back to same problem. Checked all connections under hood and batteries, maybe a key switch but aux trim should still work and it justs clicks up or down with no movement. trim worked intermittently and in stride with original problem.

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    Oct 2007
    Birmingham, Alabama, USA

    Default Re: 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    Roughrider, Any update on your problem. Just got my 2008 DF175 out of winter storage and I am experiencing the same symptoms. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    yes, battery switch must have burned open while trying to start engine. I had a new one in my shop and installed it. now working.

  6. #6

    Default Re: 2006 140 hp 4 stroke turn key getting nothing

    It also could be your neutral safety switch. My engine, when it is in nreutral doesn't start. I pull the shift lever back ever so slightly and it starts. If the engine "thinks" it's in gear it won't start.

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