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    Default Replacing shift cable on outdrive.

    I am replacing my old Volvo shift cables after many years sterling service and just need an answer to a question.
    The Stern drive is the 290 SP-A and I have disconnected both ends but I am unable to pull the cable through the inside of the transom. All the fittings have been removed and I have managed to pull / push through a couple of inches Ė but thatís it.
    The cable goes through a protective tube (839091) on the inside of the transom and it looks a fairly tight turn so I am guessing thatís why itís stubborn and I didnít want to damage the tube.
    Is it easier to remove the tube from inside the transom then pull through or is the tube fitting pretty much designed to remain in place? I did order a new gasket (897745) just in case.
    The alternative would be to unclip all the cable and tube from the Transom and wiring looms to try and make the tube as straight as possible. By the way, the boat is out of the water!!

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    Default Re: Replacing shift cable on outdrive.

    Many thanks for your prompt response.
    I have attached some nylon string already to help as I have learnt the hard way in the past.
    It’s a twin engine configuration and the cables run round the back of the engine room under the deck and their not easily accessible. The shift cables are clipped loosely by cable ties to the wiring looms. Both of the cables are pretty difficult to move.

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    Default Re: Replacing shift cable on outdrive.

    First, you either have a 290 or an SP-A drive. This could be a 290A s/p ( s/p meaning single prop).
    SP-A is another drive model number. Much will be the same, however.

    The housing attached to transom is a "transom shield".

    Secondly, there should be no cable clamp on the transom itself. (I may have misunderstood you)
    The cable will clamp directly to the Intermediate housing, and will be left free to slide within the shift cable sheath (i.e., rubber hose).

    Pulling the cable out forward is usually not an issue.
    Once the cable crimp sleeve is past the Transom Shield fitting (blue arrow below), they typically pull right on through, and easily.
    You may find that feeding the new cable in, may be best if done from the drive end.

    All of this work is much easier with the transmission removed. You can kill several birds with one stone:
    Shift cable replacement, Water Neck fitting, New drive shaft bellows, inspect the universal shaft, renew the O-rings between the Trans and Intermediate, and so on.
    Pay particular attention to the water neck fitting!

    NOTE: The shift cable/sheathe is a wet area, so the interior side of the sheathe must be positioned and clamped above the water line.
    Do NOT clamp the cable itself near the sheathe.........., clamp the sheathe only.
    It must be free to travel some within the sheathe as the drive articulates Up/Down... Port/Stbd.

    Also, do not try to remove the sheathe fitting! (see blue arrow)
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    Default Re: Replacing shift cable on outdrive.

    Hi… Well I finally managed to remove the cables after hours of pulling, pushing and plenty of grease. I had to hacksaw the ends of the cables off as they always seem to jam at the tube to transom shield position. It appears the problem is possibly scale build-up in that area, hopefully the new cables will pull /push through easier.
    I must confess I was not keen to remove the transmission this time as I removed the stern-drives last season to replace all the bellows etc. I know I should have replaced the cables then but they were working fine all last season.
    Many thanks for your help.

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