I am building a 55ft marine ply / epoxy cat in Malaysia. I am installing Nissan SD33 Marine engines. Because the cat was originally designed for sail drive the space from the engine room to the stern is very tight. I'm hoping that someone can give me advice on the following:
1. If I was to fit a shaft drive through a Nikko gearbox what is the maximum angle that I can install and safely run the engine.
2. I have two sail drives with gearboxes from 75hp Volvo Penta engines available and my engineers say they can couple them to the Nissan Engine. Would this be good? It would certainly solve the space problem.
3. I have two Schottel saildrives which are strictly drives no gearboxe so have to still be coupled to gearbox so we will have : Nissan Engine ----- Nikko Gearbox ----- Schottel Sail Drive. Would that be a better option?