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    Default New member old motor

    Hello everyone I just acquired an old Ted Williams clutch drive (ESKA) outboard and I fist emptied the tank of the old gas in it put some cleaner gas I had leftover (not fresh) from another 2cycle motor I use. I got it to run & it was vibrating quite a bit & all the bolts were loose so I shut it down & removed the powerhead to tighten the allen bolts that were loose connecting the engine to the lower plate. Tried to restart it after reassembling everything & it wont start. I proceeded to drain the tank & got the crud out of the lines, bought fresh gas,oil, and fuel stabilizer, emptied carb bowl & made sure it was clean. Still no start. I removed the carb & it appears the PO had rebuilt it recently because everything was very clean and new internally even the pump was intact. I reassembled the carb, no start. pulled the plug noticed its a champion rj13lm not a Y but it was clean & producing a spark and gapped at .030. I did notice it was wet though. blew some compressed air into the cylynder put the plug back in still no start. I am wondering what else could it be? every once in a while I get a pop like it tries to fire but its far & few between. By now my right arm is definitely larger than my left. Any ideas? The only thing I can think of at this point is maybe my spark isn't hot enough so I am going to get the right plug today & try that. Should I look at the points? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    BTW the motor tag is 643-14A Sears Mod# 217.59431

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    Default Re: New member old motor

    Got new plug still no go. I do have spark with the new plug and after repeated attempts I eventually flood the motor. I'm pulling my hair out on this one.

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    Default Re: New member old motor

    I have the same issue wish I knew what it was

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