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    Question perkins 4107 oil pump issue

    Hi does anyone know why the oil pump may have an issue, there seems to no pressure after a cold start, is there a problem with the plunger sticking????? Is there a way to free it without taking it apart

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    Default Re: perkins 4107 oil pump issue

    Hi, it's unlikely that the relief valve is stuck or the rotary pump is bad. Most likely you have electric gages and senders which are prone to be the culprit from vibration and corrosion. I suggest you hook up a mechanical oil gage at the engine and check the pressure. Has the oil filter been changed and did the problem start then ??
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: perkins 4107 oil pump issue

    New gauge fitted no oil to the top end, stripped oil pump down and have slight scoring on the plunger, is the pump knackered now or can u buy spate parts?

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    Default Re: perkins 4107 oil pump issue

    Hi, was relief valve stuck ?? Is there shiny metal particles in the oil or on the bottom of the sump ? I would check the lube oil pickup tube for cracks and the oil cooler for blockage. Fine scratches are normal on the relief valve. Clean them up with 220 grit followed by 400. Clean up valve bore as well and clean throughly !! Replace the spring or for piece of mind replace the pump. Don't forget to fill the pump with oil and turn the drive gear slowly to lube the pump before installing.

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