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    Post both engines stalling when reversing engines

    when I am pulling into a slip at low RPMs ( idle speed ) and pull the throttles into reverse to stop , both engines stall creating a safety issue .
    although my Honda 130's are 10 yrs . old , I have them fully serviced each year . I had new steering cables replace last year as well .

    Any recommendations are most welcome !


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    Default Re: both engines stalling when reversing engines

    Sounds to me as if your idle speed settings on one or both engines may be set too low allowing the the engines to "lug" as you're maneuvering at low speed forward. When you put the additional "braking" load of reverse on, they just aren't keeping up and are falling below the RPM threshold to stay running. If this condition sort of came on gradually, it could be a fuel delivery issue. If it started suddenly or about the same time the steering cables were replaced, it could be an adjustment problem.

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