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    Default 3116 turbo issue

    While replacing my air filter I reached in to spin the compressor wheel on the turbo as the boat had been sitting for a few months. One of the wheels was frozen and would not turn. I got it to turn but because I was an idiot and pryed with something I shouldn't have, I broke a small piece off the the compressor wheel. It appears that I could remove the compressor housing while the turbo is still installed to get to the compressor wheel and replace it. It would also allow me to check the housing to ensure the broken part hasn't gone inside to do any damage to the engine. Is this a feasible repair with the turbo installed?

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    no - you can have the turbo off in 30 minutes, and you cannot repair it yourself. take it to the pros.
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    Take the whole turbo housing off, not just the compressor. The will need to check the housing clearances.

    And as hystat stated, leave this to a professional re-builder.
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    I saw your original post regarding the Caterpillar 3116 Marine turbocharger and want to post more information for those who may run into the same problem in the future. Typically when a marine turbocharger is not turning or is intermittently functioning its time to remove the turbocharger for evaluation. When a marine turbocharger doesnt turn there are two possible causes, bent shaft or corrosion in the turbine housing.

    We specialize in marine turbocharger sales and service for all diesel engine manufacturers and have plenty of experience assisting customers with turbocharger failures. The most common issue we come across is turbine housing deterioration from salt water entering the exhaust outlet. If the impeller is rubbing the housing chances are the turbocharger ingested a foreign object ultimately bending the shaft.

    Turbine housings that are exposed to salt water will eventually begin to deteriorate and small pieces of the casting will fall into the turbine wheel and ultimately locking it in place. Another scenario would be small metal shavings will end up behind the turbine wheel's heat shield, as the shavings build up behind the heat shield the shield will wedge itself into the turbine wheel, locking or restricting it.

    If you have any questions regarding this issue feel free to call us direct, please reference the thread when calling.

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    Default Re: 3116 turbo issue

    To add, please don't be tempted by the flood of cheap Chinese aftermarket turbo parts.
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