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    Default Is Trailer Still Good?

    Had a Fire in the back yard & I no longer have a boat. Was a 15ft Gregor with a Honda 15.
    My question is how do you tell if the trailer is still good & can be rebuilt?
    The fire burnt off the bunk runners , the fenders & tires. The front of the boat & trailer did not burn.
    The frame still looks straight.

    Any way to tell if the frame has lost its strength?
    Got to put new bearing, wheels, fenders, lights, etc. Is it worth doing?

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    Default Re: Is Trailer Still Good?

    Likely to be ok as the bulk of the heat was over it, not under it. Be variable is the grade of metal used. I'd see an experienced welder (local) and seek their opinion if you want to rebuild it.

    with no boat, I'd suspect it won't be cost effective to rebuild it. worst case, call an auto scraper...you'll get a few bucks anyhow.

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    Default Re: Is Trailer Still Good?

    Ayuh,... In my experience, if the metal isn't distorted from the heat, it'll be just Fine...
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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