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    Mar 2011
    South Africa

    Default Unleaded fuel in old boats

    Hi, anyone know if old two strokes can run on unleaded? If so, what changes to be made to achieve this?

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    Default Re: Unleaded fuel in old boats

    they will run you didnt say what year? you can buy lead additive in any part store mix as needed i use it in my 1976 harley seems fine .unleaded fuel really only afects the valve guides 2 strockes no guides

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    Mar 2011
    South Africa

    Default Re: Unleaded fuel in old boats

    1983 DT115, ran it on 93 unleaded today, ran well. Even used less fuel than it usually does. Didn't use any additives. Ran three tanks so if someting was gonna fail or break it would have by now. Didn't alter timing or anything! Sweet!

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    Default Re: Unleaded fuel in old boats

    unleaded is no problem . E10 is quite an issue and i wont run the engine on that

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    May 2010
    Sebastian ,Fl

    Default Re: Unleaded fuel in old boats

    Unleaded NO problem.They said it increases the temp and helped with the valves.
    Like Junebug said no valve guides in an outboard.
    Ethanol is another pain altogether.
    It actually is burning hotter and contains water.
    Since it's mixing with oil it's not so bad but the water is a bummer.
    The oil/gas can/does seperate faster than it used to.
    So add Ethanol additives if your gonna let the gas/motor/boat/mower set any length of time.
    boats . net worst place to buy parts.
    Get towing insurance.Great investment.
    88 Bayliner with twin 85's

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