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    Default Yanmar *RUN-AWAY* Wow!!

    Well now. That was exciting. This engine quickly went from 1500 rpm in neutral to a screaming smoking monster. (Before coffee on Sunday morning.) Managed to shut it down in a few seconds before any really ugly noises, like escaping pistons. OK now heartrate is back to nornal. So far I have only turned crankshaft and checked dipstick; Looks like oil is diluted with fuel. Kind of at a loss from here. Engine is one of two 2GM20 (F)(C) saildrives in a catamaran. Second engine is running fine. 3,000 hours well maintained and no prior issues.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Yanmar *RUN-AWAY* Wow!!

    Dave, sounds like the lift pump has failed allowing fuel into the crankcase. Change oil and filter and rebuild or replace lift pump.

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