I would like some input on the 59 eng I,m thinking of repoweering my Lyman Biscayne 24 ft. replacing the CC 307Q eng its rated 200 hp @ 4000 rpms. I know I would have to reprop the boat and increase the shaft size. I'm currently running a velvet drive AS-72-B reverse gear.the motor I'm thinking on installing would be an early 98 model from a Dodge Pickup whick has the mechanical injection pump. I have a 99 Dodge 1 ton with the electronic injection pump very costly, to replace if it goes bad. I woulf like to get to a 15 x 15 cupped nibral prop becaus the rpm's will be considerably lower. 3300 max. vrs 4000 max and hopefully the fuel economy would be a lot greater. What do you think. let me know. The prop size I'm running now is a 13 x 10 1" sst. shaft this is from the factory.
Reguards Fred Durbin