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    Default New to forum couple questions(from land down under)

    Gday my names martin ive just come across this forum in search of info on a new motor ive just perchased(new to me lol)
    I currently own a lewis tornado ski boat with an 83 johnson 200hp donk on it.Which is half way pulled down due to it being low on compression and very tired i was originally planning to rebuild her but i stumbled across an 89 johnson 225hp vro looper and was just wanting to know if anyone has some info i should need to know about these.I went and checked it out today ran a comp check on it 4 cylinders were at 90psi and 2 were at 85psi i warmed motor up first but completely forgot to have the throttles open will this make a huge differeance.the motor looked to be in really good nick also pump water nicely. no rust or corrosion trim worked beautifully.Just wondering if those numbers sounded ok ive read that they were only 100psi from factory is this correct????Also its vro has been disconnected also the power steering??which i only found out they had because it said it on the cowling and i am very interested on info on that part of things as well.I got it for $2500 aus dollars just wondering what opinions are of these engines ill post some photos of my boat and engine shortly. and what performance gains do you think i will see with this compared to the old 83 crossflow 200hp i know alot of factors change this.Ok ill stop rambling on for my first post lol looking forward to your replies

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    The Looper engines, even when new will have 95 psi on the starboard bank and 90 on the port bank... the difference being due to the design of the engine. I strongly suspect that the engine you're speaking of falls into this range and you're seeing a slight difference simply because of the gauge you're using. I have yet to see two compression gauges read exactly the same.
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    I have a 1983 9.9 hp Johnson. I am having trouble with water pump impellers melting ! Is it possible that the bottom seal on the exhaust housing is leaking ? They are not available ,any suggestions ? Rick Powers [email protected]

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    Why would you hijack an eight year old thread to ask a question unrelated to the original thread..?
    James in Canada


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    It's his first post, so something to do with.....WTF happened? That looper down under is long gone probably anyway.
    Rick, how are you testing the motor? If it's melting the impeller let's start a new thread and find out what to do.
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